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Taber Extrusions, LLC

TABER EXTRUSIONS, LLC – Taber Extrusions, LLC is a fully integrated aluminum products extruder producing thousands of uniquely shaped and sized parts for customers in the Aerospace, Ship Building, Military, Construction and Consumer Products industries. Its 8,600 ton (7,802 metric ton) extrusion press with 10″ x 28″ (25.4cm x 71.12cm) rectangular container offers the capacity for producing large and uniquely shaped extrusions up to 27” wide and 120′ long (68.6m wide, 36.6m long). Complementary 1,250 and 3,000 ton presses (1,134 and 2,722 metric ton) deliver a full range of products ranging from lifting platforms for heavy machinery, bars, and water heater anodes, to marine alloy for ship building and computer chip stock heat sinks. In addition to offering a broad range of part and product capabilities, Taber Extrusions LLC also provides its customers with critical support services, such as design, fabrication, metallurgical and ultrasonic testing, thermo treatment, and quality assurance oversight. All backed by one of the most knowledgeable and experienced sales and customer support teams in the aluminum industry, with an average of thirty years experience.

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  • Certified quality system
  • 8,600 ton press (7,802 metric ton) with rectangular container
  • 3,000 ton press (2,722 metric ton)
  • 1,250 ton press (1.134 metric ton)
  • Remelt furnaces
  • Solution heat treat furnace w/120′ (36.6m) stretcher
  • Cast house w/direct chill casting unit
  • 1100, 2000, 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000 alloy series
  • Metallurgical testing lab

Taber Extrusions, LLC – Russellville

915 S Elmira
Russellville AR 72802-9640
Phone: (479) 968-1021
Fax: (479) 968-8645


Specializes in large aluminum extrusions (8,600 ton press)
ISO 9002 Certified

Taber Extrusions, LLC – Gulfport

1900 34th Street
Gulfport MS 39501-6125
Phone: (228) 863-2852
Fax: (228) 865-9089


Specializes in small and intermediate aluminum extrusions (1,250 – 3,000 ton presses)
ISO 9002 Certified