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Maryland Pig Services, L.P.

MARYLAND PIG SERVICES, L.P. – Maryland Pig Services, L.P. (MPS) is the first independent pig iron processing operation established in the U.S. Operating a twin strand caster in Sparrows Point, MD capable of pouring 2,000 tons (1,814 metric tons) of hot metal per day, and a logistical trans-shipping facility in Chicago, IL, MPS services foundries, steel mills, integrated mills and mini mills producing forty pound “pigs” from molten blast furnace iron for more efficient use later on in the steel making process.


  • 2,000 tons (1,814 metric tons) per day production capability
  • Metallurgy and testing lab
  • Stringent stockpiling of pigs by hot metal analysis

Maryland Pig Services, L.P. – Chicago

12901 S Stoney Island Ave.
Chicago IL 60633
Phone: (773) 646-2080
Fax: (773) 646-0973